Phu Quoc


Phu Quoc is a very mountainous and densely forested Island of 1320 sq kms, 48 in length from south to north and is Vietnam largest Island with a population of approx. 80,000 people. Situated in the Gulf of Thailand 45 kms west of Ha Tien on the Vietnamese mainland and 15 km south of the coast of Cambodia, Phu Quoc is ringed with some of the most beautiful beaches and arguably some of the best seafood in Vietnam. Due to its poor soil quality and inaccessible terrain, Pho Quoc is not really a part of the Mekong delta.

Therefore it doesn’t share the deltas extraordinary ability to produce rice & fruit, but it is however home to the best Fish sauce (nuoc mam) in the world making fishing the main industry here. Phu Quoc is also reputedly known to produce high quality pepper and export quality seafood. Another point if interest in Phu Quoc is the islands native dog. This dog was originally a wild animal and later trained as a hunting dog by local people. These days they are very domesticated and it is hard to go anywhere on the island without seeing one of these dogs! These animals have unusually sharp teeth (as they tear their food when they eat it rather than bite) and have claws that over the years have been conditioned for catching their prey and are razor sharp. The dry Season and the best time to visit Pho Quoc is usually between October to April while the rainy season runs from May to September.

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